Banda PES

PES Strap directly from the manufacturer

PES Strap is used for securing goods and bales.
Order any quantity of high quality PES strap produced by Lampero at the right price. We have a small stock for immediate deliveries. For pallet sized orders delivery time is typically about a month. Get in touch and we will offer free consulting to make sure you chose the right product. We offer free samples so that you can test before you buy.


Quality Assurance

We combine high quality raw materials with care since 2012 using modern equipment in order to create a highly competitive strap.

We have a quality assurance lab where we do destructive tension tests, water absorbtion tests and gluing quality tests. We test each lot in order to guarantee conformity.

About Lampero

Lampero is a manufacturer / producer of hotmelt polyester strap. We manufacture, stock and sell the strap we manufacture from our premises in Bolintin-Deal, Romania.

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