Bale Strap 360kgf 500m WG40

Bale Strap 360kgf 500m WG40

Code: WG4050

Lampero Bale Strap WG40 is a non-woven, textile polyester strap also known as hotmelt strap or PES strap.
Lampero Bale Strap has impressive weathering and chemical resistance as well as 13 % elasticity meaning that it can hold on to the goods it is securing with unparalleled strength while absorbing thermal expansion/contraction and mechanical shocks.

Lampero Bale Strap WG40 is ideal for binding bales of cardboard max. 300 kg and foil max. 250 kg, usually made using 12-30 ton vertical balers. Bales are usually bound by hand, however the H22 Tensioner and CB4F buckles may be used for retensioning. WG40 Bale strap is suitable for use with the following balers: Orwak 5010 /5031, Compact 3120/3250, Orwak 3220 / Power 3225, Orwak 5070HDC (Carton), Orwak 3400 / 3410 / Power 3420 / 3800 / 3810 / Power 3820 (Carton), Orwak 9020, Bramidan B5 / B20 / B30, Strautmann Balepress 10, Balepress 18, HSM V-Press 605, 610, 818 and 820.

Orwak article number: 4872248-00 (250m), 4865260-00.

The strap is composed of polyester yarn bound with adhesive and is suitable for use in packaging foodstuff or personal care substances, as scheduled by D.M. of 21/03/73.

Weight (g):2971.0
Dimensions (cm):19.5*19.5*19.5
Bale (kg)300
Box size ( l*w*h cm)39*39*29
Boxes / layer europallet6
Breaking Strength (kgf)360
Coils/EUR1 pallet (pcs)288
Coils/box (pcs)8
Length (m)500
Tube id (mm)63
Width (mm)13